Transferring Responsibility of Assignments Essay

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Donald Elliott
Business Law
Mini Project unit VI

“Think about the nature of the agreement that you have with the college or university in which you study, particularly when you do your own assignments for a grade or degree. Why can you not transfer the duty of doing the assignment to your friend? And why can't the university give the grade or the degree to a person other than you?” (University, 2013)
The nature of conducting education on the computer raises several ethical conditions and questions. The transferring of the responsibility of assignments to another individual is against policy enacted by every educational service offered in an online setting, the information that is needed to be successful as a student and as a professional is lost on another person. By not completing the work independently the learning cycle is not completed. The work that is being graded by the school is being done under the premise that it is original work by the student, submitting the work of another individual is fraudulent and violates the terms of academic integrity. There are also other valuable lessons that are learned by having other person complete the work, Critical thinking is one most valuable lesson that would be missed, a skill that is applicable to every facet of life and is immensely important to becoming a valuable individual both personally and professionally. The school, for many of the same reasons cannot give credit for the work to another individual other than the one completing said work, to do so would be to commit an integrity violation, and allow