Transformation of Cinema Essay

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Recently, I’ve noticed something about the way that we, as an audience, view film. Trips to the cinema are much more expensive, and companies have clearly began to notice this sudden gap in the market for ‘home cinema’. Programs such as LOVEFiLM have made life so much easier and also a lot cheaper for film lovers; giving us the chance to watch up to date popular films, without having to make the expensive trek to a cinema or DVD store. DVD’s are becoming less and less popular, so much so that well known stores such as HMV are going into administration. If this high street store does have to close down, it will become even more clear to people that technology really is taking over. A vast majority of people get away with not having to pay for films at all, and do all or most of their film watching through illegal download websites. It’s an easy way out for many; but it will eventually lead to the death of hard copy DVD’s. Even film renting is becoming internet based, with LOVEFiLM, Netflix, and even iTunes letting people download and watch films on a variety of consoles, like Apple products, and even xbox! CGI has now been around for a few years, but when it first was brought to cinema it made a huge difference. A film with CGI effects can make everything within it seem more real, more exciting, and this has changed how audiences watch and connect with film. The introduction of 3D cinema also brings a big change to the way audiences view film. The 3D aspects of the film…