Transforming A-Team Rehabilitation Inc. Into A Paperless Company

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Transforming A-Team Rehabilitation, Inc. into a “Paperless” Company by Introducing a Software System with Interfacing Capabilities

Table of Contents

1. Abstract 3 2. Brief Company background 3 3. Discussion of business problem(s) 4 4. High level solution 5 5. Benefits of solving the problem 6 6. Business/technical approach 7 7. Business Process, Infrastructure and Organizational Changes 8 8. Technology or business practices used to augment the solution 9 9. High-level implementation plan 9 10. Summary of project 11 11. Recommendations 12 12. References 13

“Healthcare information technology (IT) was a $33 billion industry in the US in 2007, with global spending at $79.6 billion.[1] The sector shows signs of further growth, due partly to the support of Congress and the Obama administration. One market research firm projects $40 billion in IT spending in the US by the end of 2011.[2] It is also an industry in transition, from early applications that supported batch processing of financial transactions to sophisticated, artificial intelligence-assisted real-time clinical process management systems. This chapter will discuss the size and organization of this important sector, reviews the major applications developing in healthcare IT, and also looks at the barriers to the adoption and use of these technologies.” (Adam C. Powell[*] and Jeff C. Goldsmith, The Healthcare Information Technology Sector, 2012) Information Technology is expanding and the importance of its usage in the medical field is in great demand. It is and will be law that all medical fields turn from paper charts to electronic medical records system “EMR.
A-Team Rehabilitation Background
A-Team Rehabilitation is owned and operated by therapists. The company was opened in 2002 breaking away from another rehabilitation company. The company began with 3 clinics and through the years and grown in number and still growing in the central Florida region. A-Team Rehabilitation’s mission is to “provide high quality, state of the art, rehabilitation programs, which are designed to restore functional ability in an efficient and cost effective manner”. The company is family oriented and would like to have the “Mom and Pop” atmosphere while maintaining a professional manner. ”. A-Team Rehabilitation, Inc. has been running its company on paper charts for over 10 years with 12 different locations. The company already uses a software system that is in-housed for its billing department which does part electronic claims and paper claims.
Business Problem
In this proposal, review of EMR’s pertaining to the Physical Rehabilitation world will be reviewed as well as the implementation of changing A-Team Rehabilitation, Inc. from paper charts to a “paperless” system. The company has until the end of the year to have software in place and fully implemented. The company should review a multi-functional system, instead of having multiple software systems that do not integrate smoothly with each other in order to make each department fast and effective for the patients, clinicians, and insurance carriers. The company must also see if in-housing or having the system hosted on a cloud is more suitable. The current status of the company’s use of electronic records is only for the billing processes. The facility’s administrative team and therapists all have written documentation, such as appointment settings and paper charts. The front desk staff enter charges in an excel spreadsheet once charge tickets are given by the therapists for the day, and then sent to the billing department. The billing department houses data entry for charges, payment posters, and collectors. The electronic system is in-housed and is currently deteriorating due to massive amounts of information loaded into the system. Not only is the