Transgender Identity Research Paper

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` As someone with many friends in the transgender and non-binary communities, their struggles are important to me. I watch as people I know get torn down, berated, blatantly discriminated against and there's not much I seem to be able to do. It's time to stop this sort of action against trans people, as they are simply that: people. Just like you and me. It's simple common sense to treat others as we wish to be treated, and the first step is stopping harassment. People don’t seem to realize that those who are trans or experience questioning of their gender have a high rate of suicide and mental illness. By piling harassment on top of everything they may be coping with, such as preventing horrible memories and possible abuse, these problems only get worse. It's time to take a step forward and open your mind to the future of society.

For centuries, people have been questioning gender. Native Americans have long believed in people with two spirits, one male and female, residing in those questioning their gender. Recently, people have come forth and created communities to find other trans people and band together. As information spreads, more people are educated and may just find themselves fitting into the community
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By increasing awareness of this terrible likelihood, I feel that many trans people will get the help they need sooner to transition, or at least the acceptance and support that they so desperately need. By opening our minds, we are literally saving lives, despite what anyone argues. Some people may question why they have to call someone by a name they choose, rather than their given name. In response, I ask them the question, how would you feel if someone repeatedly messed up your name on purpose, for example, calling you Michael when your name is Matthew? By putting ourselves in their shoes, we can see the harassment that trans people face, and put a stop to