Transgressions Of Modernization And Colonization

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The transgressions of the campaigns of Modernization and Colonization “History is written by the victors” (Walter Benjamin). Most individuals can agree that in every countries history there tends to be a tragic or shameful past, such as slavery, war, genocide, or more. Understandably, the victors that manage these countries would prefer to forget and leave unwritten these tragic occurrences in their history, especially when they may be directly accused for placing harm and grieve to the defeated parties. But history can be a haunting subject that can never be fully erased. For Mexico and annexed Mexican countries today, modernization and colonization campaigns are transgressions reflected in today’s relations, economical, social, and cultural …show more content…
Following the annexation of Mexican territory into the United States, Hispanic and Anglo frontiers interlocked in conflict. According to new research, the results of this conflict was the lynching of approximately 473 per 100,000 of the Mexican pupation in 1848 to 1873 in the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas. The majority of lynching victims were denied access to a trial while others were convicted in unfair trials. Carrigan proposes that this obscenity could have been overlooked because most historical records categorized Mexicans, Italians, Native Americans, and Chinese lynching victims as white. Lynching’s are murders primarily attributed or excused by claiming frontier justice, protection of traditions, and community goods. Thus, greedy Anglos were trying to solely profit from U.S Modernization and Colonization innovations seen in that era; such as boom of lumber mills, coalmines, commercial agriculture, railroads, and the California Gold rush in 1848 to1855. Gold discovered by James W. Marshall at Sutter’s Mill in Coloma California, attracted minors from all regions including tens of thousands of individuals from Latin America, Australia, and Asia. Many Mexicans were skilled miners and had great success mining gold in