Transition: Teacher and Public School Essay

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(1) Going from a set schedule to now being able to do what I want is a major change. (2) Not only waking up, but also the fact that I am able to work alone and not communicate with others is both bad and good. (3) One of the hardest things to do is to stay focused, with all of the possible distractions. [During the transition between public school and virtual school, I have had to adapt to change in many ways.] Going from a set schedule of waking up at Five o’clock in the morning, being ready at six then leaving at a set time and switching classes at a set time has been the biggest change. I am now able to wake up when I get enough sleep, I don’t have to get ready, I am take care of my pet pig “Charlotte”, then begin my work. Starting work when I decide too also encourages me to complete more and have a more positive attitude towards learning. When I sit down to do work, I want too and will do much more than I ever would have in public school. There is no set time to start work, no set time to turn in an assignment, no set time to move onto the next class. Virtual school has helped me to become a better student after adapting to the changes of my own personal schedule. The change in schedule was not the only change; other changes were for the worse, some for the better. Being alone at my house means that there are no other students to distract me, being alone is also a bad thing because I have no one besides Charlotte to talk too. Having no one besides charlotte can make it quite lonely, but sometimes makes it easier to complete my work. Adapting from a teacher trying to teach a class full of twenty kids, to me teaching myself or my virtual school teacher one on one helping me has been a great change. I learn an extensive amount more one on one than I ever would have in public school. Staying focused on my work has become unbelievably easier, but at the same time more