Transition from Print Media to New Media Essay

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History of Media Assignment Submitted by: Nina George, Aashik.V.Ajith New media has emerged from the print media. But its target audience is different from that of print media. Today, we have young readers getting attracted towards new media. This is because they feel that they really don’t need to waste their time reading when they …show more content…
There is little doubt that the print product for the Boston Globe is heading to obsolescence.
But look at its other “new” delivery channels: * receives an average of 4.2 million unique views per month in 2010. More than 5.500 other sites link to its content * The Boston Globe has more than a dozen Twitter channels – from books and movies to the Bruins and local news – that is followed by tens of thousands of people * The Boston Globe Facebook page has more than 6,500 people liking it
The Boston Globe is also providing video and audio content. It even has a free smart phone application. Their audience is actually greater now than it has ever been.
These new channels will continue to grow. So while traditional outlets are still struggling to fully monetize these new channels – they have jumped into online and social channels in a big way. People are getting their news on different channels (and in different formats), but they are still relying on traditional media outlets to deliver it to them.
Traditional media – new and old alike – are reinventing journalism and news delivery. Don’t forget that. Media outlets still pack an enormous audience and have an even greater ability to influence people – from what books to read to what products to buy.
Media relations isn’t dying – it’s just moving online and onto social networks.
The media industry has