Essay about Transitioning To High School

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Gloria umutoni
Transitioning to High School

I know how hard it can be transitioning to high school. I know this because I

have experienced it. Not only have I experienced it, but I have also struggled in it as well.
Numerous student, including I myself, see high school as this huge black hole sucking everyone in it. At the beginning of high school, since I was straight from Africa, I struggled most often many times in getting used to where places were. It was not at all easy because I do not think anyone wants to in math while they are supposed to be in art. This, many of students struggle with; however it does not mean they cannot get over it. In order to help students transition to high school well. I recommend programs for parent involvement, social support and counseling.

To start, the first program I recommend students shall attend is a parent

involvement program. When parents are involved in their student transition to high school, they tend to stay in their child school experiences. Parent involvement in the transition process to high school can be encouraged through a variety of activities and encourage them to participate. Perhaps more importantly. They can work to keep parents involved in their child’s academic success. Moreover, a parent involvement program provides students and parents with information about the new school. Middle school student want to know what high school is going to be like; they and their parents need to know about and understand high school procedures. This is especially important because parent need to be actively involved in the decisions their eighth graders are asked to make about classes they will take in ninth grade. They also need to understand the long term effect of the course decisions. A parent

involvement program will help student bond with their parents more and feel comfortable with what they are doing. For example, if students are not doing their best in class, then their parents would be informed and try their best to help them. An enormous number of students think that whatever happens at school stays at school. Well, with the help of teachers, that would not be happening because parents would be informed on any progress that their child is making. Clearly, if parents are involved in their children’s school years, the students are less likely to drop out of school.

Equally important, I believe a social support program will be a fantastic way to

get rid of the anxiety students have when they are transitioning to high school. Furthermore, with a social support program, student will be able to communicate in a much more considerable and professional manner. This is significant, for a large number of junior high students have a habit of thinking that high school is all about freedom and that they can disrespect whoever they want, including teachers. As evidence, when my best friend Lisa began high school, she thought that high school was all amusement and games. Later in her life she realized that respect was a marvelous aspect of identity. This is what a social support program is all about. When students transition to high school, most of them have a serious case of shyness. Take the case of Lisa; she was so shy in her first years of high school that whenever someone talked to her she would just turn to the other cheek and pretend like she did not hear a word. From this we can see that a social support program will help students develop a social life. This program will also give future freshmen advice on the do’s and don not of high school. For the same reason, a social support program will give advice on how to socially interact with others. At a time when friendships and social interactions are particularly important for young adolescents, the transition to high school often disrupts friendship networks, and thereby interferes with student’s success in high school. Therefore, it is vital for