Essay on Translational Research for Practice and Populations

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Translational Research for Practice and Populations

In 2009 unspecified electronic survey was conducted with factors such as type, frequency, perpetrators, and professional/personal concerns on bullying identified (Quine, 2001). The results revealed that out of 330 RN respondents, 72% reported positive to bullying at various occasions in line of their career. Of this segment, clear hostility seemed most frequent in surgical/medical, operational rooms, emergency, obstetrical areas of care and adolescent residential behavioral/ mental health units. The main culprits to these act are non-other than; charge nurses, senior nurses, physicians and nurse managers. This is impartial research among others that have been
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This might lead to lack good communication, lack of corporation with other staff members and poor decision the event they might not do good work and this will have `a negative impact on their patients. There would be many cases of job replacement due to bullying. In other words, patients might not be provided with the best care they deserve since the nurses could be fed up with the working conditions provided by their bullying staff members or the by the addition, the increases in the number of nurses giving up their jobs especially the new ones, is an evidence enough to prove that bullying exists and its affecting them. Bullying has been proved to exist at international level. However, the united states is yet to identify much about the bullying problem. According to research, results has shown that the highest percentage of those likely to be affected by the bullying act happens to be the nurses working at the hospital who ends up excluding themselves from others. This exclusion might not be recognized or in other words it might be ignored as result of cultural influence. Victims of bullying might not report what there are going through since they might be afraid of what the management might say, also since those who mainly bully them are the managers themselves and fear of losing the same time what one perceives to be bulling might have a different