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Brian Moody
Carrie Murray
10 February 2013
Discussion Question 4 In the “Transmission of Hope” the description of McKenna grandparents contribute to the reality of the story. For instance Grandma was a caring woman who took care of home with an iron fist. The author describes a tiny elderly lady with wrinkles and glasses. Even with bad eye sight Grandma stayed active around the house wearing her black slippers with holes to relive her bunions. Her appearance was matronly with gray hair pinned back in a bun. Even though grandma was in her seventies she was energetic quick and well-rounded person who didn’t play when it came to discipline her grandchildren. The author’s grandma commutated to her grandchildren in such a way that wagging the finger was enough in a house with four grandchildren to see her sunset streak of orange on her face. While cleaning the pantry even her passing out killing roaches in the kitchen didn’t deter her from telling her children to go outside and play. In addition to the “Transmission Of Hope” McKenna describes his grandfather as a short seventy year old grandfather sitting on the porch smoking cheap pipe tobacco with an overcoat on telling stories to his grandchildren. His skin color is being purple due to a physician describe for his ulcer. The bandy –legged man loved his grandchildren showed the plant coming home from a hard day’s work with chewing gum stuck to his pocket. His lanky body and barrel chest gave him great