Transport and Man Essay

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Ana De La Torre
January 22, 2015
Clas 40
Thursday @11am

Where other animals walk on all fours and look to the ground, man was given a towering head and commanded to stand erect, with his face uplifted to gaze on the stars of heaven.
Thus clay, so lately no more than a crude and formless substance, was metamorphosed to assume the strange new figure of
Metaphorphoses pg 9 83-90.

This section of Metamorphoses stood out to me the most because it is the explanation of what makes us, human beings, different from other creatures. The simple distinction that we were changed from walking on all four limbs to just two and the reasoning behind it is quite interesting. Man was made to walk on both legs to look up to the sky and appreciate what the gods had done to make the world, in a sense, a better place. No longer was the light and dark combined but now the stars were there at night to show us light even in the darkest moments. Walking erect, in my opinion, was not done to the advantage of man but to admire the work that had just been done. A work must always be admired and noticed not taking into vain, especially when it is the work of the divine. Of course it is another way to look at the creation of human kind through a different perspective than what the bible Tells. Instead of having the world made in 7 days and seeing what was created each day we see different gods and the responsibilities that each one held through out the course of changing the world.