Essay on Transportation Industry

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The trucking industry is very large, diverse and competitive industry. There are a various types of trucking; they range from tractor trailer, straight trucks, couriers, less than truckload and truck load. Depending on the type of service and price you want to pay you can get just about anything delivered and in the time frame you want it delivered in. There are many factors that factors that are driving the transportation industry, we are going to look at what the trend and outlook for the transportation industry looks like for the next three years and also look at how Fuel and Government regulations are affecting the transportation industry.
Fuel prices, the economy and government regulations are the major deciding factors that will
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Currently FedEx is able to be under both the RLA (Railway Labor Act) and NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) is crucial to part of their success. Railroads, airlines and express-parcel companies are specifically governed under the RLA because of the unique nature of their transportation networks. All other companies operate under the NLRA structure. Today, about 70 percent of transportation workers under RLA are unionized compared with only 7.5 percent of private-industry workers under NLRA. (“Buried Bailout,” 2010) The reason that UPS is pushing for this legistration is because their corporation is 100 percent unionized and FedEx isn’t. If this legistration goes through it would mean that the entire FedEx Corporation would have to be under the RLA and all eligible employees would have to become part of the union. This would have a huge impact on FedEx if they would happen to approve this bill because this would add a lot of added cost and restrictions on how the company could run their business. The future of the trucking industry depends on so many different factors from, fuel costs, economy and government regulations. As long as the fuel stays at the high rates, the economy is sluggish and government continues to put in place strict rules and regulations the trucking business is going to continue to struggle. Government needs to loosen up on some of its regulations, allow oil drilling in the United States and find a way to strengthen the