Essay on Trapped: Family and Albanian Girls

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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wonder who you really are? That's me in a nutshell. I feel trapped at home all the time, like I can never be myself in front of my own family. For my parents, I feel the need to be that “perfect daughter”, and that is what they expect me to be as well. Sometimes I feel like they expect way too much of me. If it's not getting A's and B's on my report card, it's keeping the house clean while they're gone. If it's not that, It's making sure I take care of my four year old sister all the time, and sacrificing hanging out with my friends after school. I definitely do feel the pressure of trying to be who they want me to. Technically, I am my little sister's second mom. I am responsible for picking her up everyday from school, feeding her, bathing her, and providing for her while my mom is working. Meanwhile, when I actually do have time to hang out with friends, there are several restrictions. For example, I cannot be out later than 10 pm, I cannot be in contact with any guys whatsoever, I cannot be at certain public places, Absolutely no drinking or smoking, or acting wild. I cannot be out unless all my homework is done. Finally, I cannot go anywhere without a parent's consent. Being Albanian, our culture is very strict on marriage. Being 16 years old, it's very hard for me to cover up who I actually like, or am in love with. Since I can't be in contact with any boys, It is difficult to find the right one for me. My parents think I am way too young and don't even know what “love” is. They want me to finish college,