Trapped Minors Essay

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Trapped Minors

James Welch

Mr. President, the collapse of the mining tunnels need to be addressed as soon as possible. There are many men who have worried families, who are angry and asking questions. We need to address the community in a way that will ensure ease in their minds, and that everything will turn out ok. As of now the families of the minors are in pandemic, all they have heard is that there has been a mining accident. The families need to be notified by news and in person held in the form of a meeting. We need to pursue this in a way that will not anger them anymore and will put them at a settling edge. These families need to here that the minors are not hurt or injured as of now. They also need to hear an estimated time that the minors will be trapped in the mines for. The most important part, the families need to know the plan to get the minors out of the mine. The next step after the rescue, is how we will prevent this from happening again. This will allow families to believe it's safe to work in the mines again. The families of the minors that are in the tunnel, need to be compensated for this tragic time. This will let the families be at ease with the company. There is a down side to this case, this is not the first incident of this mine collapsing. The first time it has happened there where casualties. Many people are going to look at the previous case, and wan the company shut down. The employees will not want to continue to work unless there are escape roots connected to each tunnel. This will up the cost of the job site by spending more money putting in other tunnels. This may lower wages for employees, this will upset the employees. The employees are going to want higher wages due to hazards they have to work with. As your consultant, I would advise you to higher the employee wages, this allows for the employees to feel that they are getting paid well for doing hazardous work. This will also allow you to stay in business longer. The next thing that needs to be done, is for the company to follow safety guide lines. These guide lines will ensure a safer work zone with less hazards. This will make it a lot simpler to state how much hazard pay will be. Doing everything I stated above will ensure company's strength, and employees and their families will be more at ease with the company.
In conclusion, this is a tragic accident that happened, everyone is devastated. Things like this do happen while working three thousand feet underground. This is not the only company its has happened to any it will not be the last. All the families and minors that have been affected by this accident, I do send my apologies too. This turn of events made this company realize that there needs to be more safety features add to the mines. This company cannot put miners life's at risk like this and have them stuck underground for several days. In the future this company will have all safety features up and running before any miners are back at work, and all the minors families that where evolved in this accident will receive compensation. We do apologize to the miners and the families involved in this event. The president of this company needs to take many actions before he addresses the people. This is important to send the right message so the company can still hold a positive image. The president needs to know that he is addressing concerned and angry families, as well as the rest of the Chilean people and the world. The president needs to act accordingly when addressing the people any wrong could start an uproar. The first thing the president should do is address to the families and the people, is everything that can be done to get the minors out and keep them alive is being done. He should also state that they are working as hard and as fast as they can to get them out. The next step would be to advise the people on the situation in how they are trying to get them out. The…