Essay about Trascription Lady Gaga and Jonathan Ross

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The uses of spoken language vary in different contexts. We have come to rely on chat shows for new personal information about our favourite celebrities. These exclusive interviews are the only way the public can get a look into the ‘behind the scenes’ of celebrity life. Alan Carr, Graham Norton and Big Brother are all recent and well known examples of chat shows.
Normally chat shows have very colloquial settings to try and make the superstar feel more at ease. These stings are utilised by celebrities to enhance their more down to earth persona to the public. Whilst appearing on a chat show celebrities not only satisfy their current fan-base they also gain more through advertising and disclosing the ‘human’ side of them o try and give
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Ross tries to lighten the mood throughout the interview by introducing new subjects. He does this to avoid asking direct questions about her personal life and coming across as rude and interfering. Therefore to avoid the problem he asks tangential questions. This is shown when he diverts the conversation to the phone on top of her head, the line ‘that actually isn’t a working telephone up there’ is an example used by Ross. In reality he doesn’t really care whether it works or not but to continue the conversation it’s polite to ask questions indirectly.
Early on in the interview Jonathan Ross uses the imperative yet flirtatious line ‘come on you cheeky minx.’ The intimate colloquial line lifts the tome of the conversation. This shows they know each other as you would never use the sexualised metaphor to just anyone.
After being shown her dramatized gift which was a simple teacup, Lady Gaga’s immediate response to her gift form Jonathan is ‘thank you’. This polite monosyllabic reply shows she still had human reactions even though she’s now a multimillionaire superstar and she can still appreciate small things.
Just after her exaggerated present we find out that Jonathan Ross and Lady Gaga have previously met and Ross did not make a great impression. This could be why there is so much tension and falsified