Trash: Recycling and Cleaner Planet Essay

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Josh McIlnay The story starts off talking about what happens to trash after we put it in the trash can. It gets compact and put in a land fill where no one’s sees it. They put them in rural areas so no one sees them because then people would start asking questions. It then runs through the process of which the trash goes through in the landfill. Near these landfills they have chemicals that hug to the odor and pull it to the ground so it doesn’t smell. Some landfills put the trash into huge underwater bags if one of these bags broke it would be devastating to the groundwater. There is a problem with a lot of this for one the owner is only reasonable for the land for approximately 30 years. Take the bags for example, they only last for 30-50 years so once they break and the trash contaminants the water, who’s to blame? There isn’t very much drinkable water left and the little we have left is going to be ruined by landfills. There’s so much water ruined by our trash and it just doesn’t affect us it kills fish which other animals use as food so then they start to die off. Pretty soon our surroundings are totally different. We just keep putting trash in the. They need time to break down and turn back into dirt. Us as people need to learn to reduce reuse and recycle. Or would cut down on a lot of waste that’s being thrown away and out in landfills. And if we put less trash in there then maybe they could catchy up and start going down. Then it would turn into dirt. Over…