Travel and Tourism Worl regions Project Essay

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Countries Included

Population: 23.13 million
Language(s): English
GMT: GMT + 8-10 (+13-15 from Toronto)
Major Cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
Religion: Catholic Christian
HDI: Developed Country
Government: Constitutional Monarchy with Britain

Papua New Guinea
Population: 7.321 million
Language(s): English, Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu
GMT: GMT +10 (+15 from Toronto)
Major Cities: Port Moresby, Lae and Arawa
Religion: Protestant Christian
HDI: Developing Country
Government: Constitutional monarchy with Parliamentary Democracy

New Zealand
Population: 4.471 million
Language(s): Māori and English
GMT: GMT +13 (+18 from Toronto)
Major Cities: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
Religion: Anglican Christian
HDI: Developed Country
Government: Parliamentary democracy

Human Characteristics

Culture Oceania is home to the most diverse indigenous culture, as it continues to sustain many ancestral life ways. Papua New Guinea demonstrates this, since it has 700 indigenous groups and 850 indigenous languages. In Papua New Guinea, most of the country’s lifestyle is based on indigenous tribes. Their dances, rituals, songs and cuisine all originated from the many indigenous peoples. While most of the culture is based on indigenous origins, Papua New Guinea also has a culture around sports. New Zealand and Australia also have a sport culture. The culture in these countries revolves around sports, particularly Rugby and cricket. Papua New guinea’s national sport is rugby. Both New Zealand and Australia have world famous teams in rugby. The rugby culture unifies the Oceania countries.