Travel: Emotion and Mourning Loss Essay

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December 11, 2012 Great Chinese Poet Mei Yaochen was an official scholar of the song dynasty. Yaochen was born in a Chinese village named Xuancheng where he was born and raised with his mother, father, and 3 brothers. Yaochen had many determined goals but the career he had chosen happen to be civil service, but sadly it was disappointing news to Yaochen that he was unsuccessful. Yaochen family had perished into dust one after the other, his first wife and baby son had died in 1044. His baby daughter lived to see the light for only a few years later. Yaochen was such an inspired writer who used his own emotions and creative imagination with in him, to make such a magnificent poem “Mourning Loss”. Yaochen, the author of Mourning Loss demonstrated the use of imagery to show how life isn’t worth much when being separated from the ones you come to love the most. The examples Yaochen used within this poem was to purposely show that love prevails through thick and thin and that actions taking by humanity will lead to regret, he presents this by giving off mental emotions and imagery throughout the poem. Yaochen’s writing is fairly different which definitely is what makes him unique but, there is one example that appeals better than the others, being regret. Yaochen had put a lot of thought into this poem to display his sorrows and regrets he had committed over his family. An example written by Yaochen “It was 17 years ago today. We couldn’t look at each other enough” (Yaochen, 2-3). This shows that Yaochen repents about not spending enough time with his family that he is willing to go to the depths, of pasting away to regain his happiness. Yaochen wants the readers to visualize his pain and suffering that leads him into the feeling of depression and dispirited. The quote is to purposely present that people regret things every day, of every minute, to every second of their lives. Another example written by Yaochen “What loss could be compared to this” (Yaochen, 4). This shows that from all the mistakes Yaochen has committed, losing the ones he cares most about is the worst feeling to have. By the mental emotional feelings Yaochen gives off towards this poem he wishes he could fix the mistakes he has made and start his marriage from the beginning. In Yaochen’s writing he has presented to show off mental emotions which help out with the imagery given off by the quotes. But Yaochen hadn’t entirely written this poem to display gloomy and grimy regrets; it was also for the purpose of prevailing love. Yaochen used this poem to display loss by showing his emotions, when he had lost everything close to his heart. An example written by Yaochen “I’d rather my body has finished its time; in the