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Austin McKenna Friday, February 24th, 2012 Travel Writing “This is the most epic skiing I have ever done, and I have been skiing for about 10 years now, and have traveled the world.” says Tony Royal, a skier I met while lounging on a gondola up Steamboat Springs mountain. Steamboat Springs has a lot of history behind it, even its name has quite the interesting tale.The name Steamboat Springs has been said to have originated in the late 1820ʼs when three French hunters, traveling the Yampa River, heard a chug chug sound. They were thinking they had reached a river, that had to be reasonably big to hold a Steamboat. And then one of the three yelled, “a Steamboat!” Later after following what they heard, they found that the sound came from a natural mineral spring, later named Steamboat Springs. The Steamboat Springs Colorado

man who told me this was Albert Niles, an attendant who worked at the front desk of Trailhead lodge. One of the most homey, inviting resorts I have ever stayed at. The first thing you see when you walk into Trailhead lodge is a man holding the door for you asking if you need help with anything. Then as you keep walking, it is as if you walk into your grandmas house after having a snowball fight with your friends, and getting warmed up instantly as you step in the building. Then you keep on walking and smell hot chocolate and apple cider. And what is better then having hot chocolate and apple cider, ill tell you what better. Free apple cider and free hot