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1. I am a resident of 37 Tempus Court, 128-138, High Road, South Woodford, London E18 2QE.
2. South Woodford used to be a safe, quiet and highly respectable area to live and bring up a family. My husband’s late parents had a house built here in 1936 and moved in.
3. Over the years South Woodford has seen many changes and I personally have been associated with this area since the age of 7 and have lived here with my husband and children since 1989.
4. When we first came to Tempus Court 7 years ago it was still a peaceful, respectable and above all SAFE area to live.
5. I have also been a Director of the Tempus Court Resident Association Ltd since the development was built and can, therefore, speak on behalf of a vast majority of our residents who have, since the existence of Funky Mojo, raised concerns both on and off the record.
6. Almost 6 years ago Funky Mojo appeared and that was the start of an era of fear and noise beyond a reasonable and respectable level and time frame.
7. The area since has become notorious with drunks, drugs, violence noise and dirt, brought about by the clientele of Funky Mojo’s.
8. Tempus Court is next door to the public car park that is used by the public library and NHS doctor’s surgery by day and Funk Mojo’s clients by night.
9. The screaming, swearing and revving of car engines up until 3 a.m. disturbs our sleep, every weekend, the endless cigarette butts thrown over our fence by clubbers is more than a nuisance as it poses a health hazard to our young children who play on the lawns of our grounds.
10. The tree that is outside the library is often used as a public urinal on Funky Mojo nights. Also the sides of the building where the local Citizen’s Advice Bureau is located which is part of the library building where young and elderly often congregate by day. The NHS doctor’s surgery entrance and the trees and shrubbery bordering Tempus Court which has, in the hot weather, begun to smell like a urinal.
11. The parking of mini cabs outside the club interrupts the flow of the traffic along the High Road, causing additional honking of car horns and screaming patrons of the club and the disrespect shown by clubbers to the residents of Manor Court Lodge, which is a warden assisted home directly next door to the club, is legendary.
12. The regular screeching of police and ambulance sirens has too, become stressful, including when clubbers or taxis block their access on the public highway directly outside the venue causing longer and…