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Travis, Megan
11 February 2015
Homework 7
1. What kind of precautions do you take when connecting to a wireless network of any kind outside your home?
2. Are you ever asked for payment information when using these services?
3. Are you aware of the dangers of connecting to a wireless network?
4. Do you know the difference between an ad hoc and a secure wireless connection?
5. When connected to these wireless networks, do you typically leave it in an always on state? Similarly, do you have any particular connection set to automatically connect within a specified range?
6. When experiencing technical difficulties of any kind, how do you fix them?
7. How much time do you usually spend while on these wireless networks?
8. Does anyone else use your computer on a wireless connection?
9. Have you ever experienced a malware threat such as the receiving of a Trojan virus while on a wireless network?
10. Do you ever access personal sensitive data while on a wireless connection or network? For example a bank account.

Individual 1: D
Other than using my computers firewall and antivirus, the only other precaution I take is to make sure I don’t use my credit/debit card information on any website I visit.
Occasionally, I am asked for payment. But when that happens I usually just ignore it.
I am aware that connecting to a wireless network does carry a bit of risk such as identity theft as your personal information is out there once connected.
I do not know that difference between an ad hoc or a secure wireless connection.
Typically I do leave it always on, as I like having the ability to go right back to what I am doing without interference. And for all my connections that I connect to, most of them always connect within range.
I usually go to a computer technician or help desk person whenever I run into any problems.
Depending on the work I am doing I spend about 5 to 7 hours a day on wireless networks.
I have a roommate that I sometimes let borrow my computer.
I have never received a Trojan virus that I know of through a wireless network.
I have not accessed to the point a bank account, but I do check my email which I have a paypal account linked to.

Individual 2: A
There are several precautions that I take to make sure that I don’t compromise myself while on the web. For instance, I do not use any public network to do anything of a personal nature like email or purchases. I also make sure that my internet is all up to date before I access a wireless network.
I never been asked for payment on a wireless connection that I used.
I am very aware of the dangers with wireless networks, for instance hackers which are constantly looking for loop holes in public wi-fi hotspots.
Somewhat, as ad hocs are more like peer to peer networks while a secure wireless connection centrally based in one location and therefore secure.
Typically, I will disconnect from a service after I no longer need an internet connection. And I do not have my wireless connection set to automatically connect, quite the opposite as when traveling for work or whatever I set my electronic devices to airplane mode so that they do not connect until I am ready for them to.
I usually take the issue to a technical service personnel as I would not want to do anything further to compromise the computer.
I usually spend about 4 hours a day on wireless networks, but it can be more depending on what I am doing.
No, I do not let anyone else access my computing equipment while on public wireless connections.
Usually not, but I have noticed the occasional pop-up which says my computer isn’t secure and I should buy their software to secure my computer.
No, I do not access sensitive data while on public wi-fi of any kind.

Individual 3: C
I usually try to make sure that I am sufficiently protected by my computers security tools while on public wi-fi.
Never have been asked for payment of any kind, I do though share my computer with my sister so from that point