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Brittany Scarbrough
2nd period

what heriot Tubman did is she wanted to get them to freedom but she had to keep pushing them because at one point they didn’t believe her they thought she was lying-inn paragraph (64-68) she had to make them believe so she kept saying things bout the next stop she new they were over this but she hade to make them believe in her that she would get them their. But she had to keep trying to make them believe in what she was doing. Because the first house they went to they slammed the door in her face and said to many. So she had to keep telling them about the next stop and how amazing it was. So that way they would believe she could get them to freedom.

In line 134-153 a man wanted to go back but she tock a gun out and said “no they will make you tell them were we are where we have been you will move on or die it is up to chose and chose fast”. She wasn’t trying to be mean she just didn’t want to get caught because if she gets caught she would be hanged and they would be punished they punishes them with wipes or they would be betting to death. So they would all die all 11 slaves and her they would die for running away but she trying every thing in her power to keep them safe and get them to freedom she wanted to get them to Canada so they could be free and happy and no longer slave and be punished if they do some thing wrong. But she kept saying eleven million dollars worth of slaves I have with me she mint that if people say they will give 11million dollars to who ever can catch the slave. So people would at lest look for them so they could be caught but Tubman would not let that happen. Or at