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Krystle Barnes September 27, 2010
Title of Book: Treasure Island
Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
The story of Treasure Island is told by a young boy by the name of Jim Hawkins. Jim’s parents ran an inn called the Admiral Benbow and Jim’s story begins when an old sea captain comes to stay at the inn. The captain does not want anyone to know where he is and Jim’s adventure begins when a blind man comes looking for the captain and the captain is so frightened he gets sick and die. The captain owes Jim’s mother money and when they search his stuff they find a map of an island where treasure is supposed to be buried. Jim, the town’s Doctor and the Squire Trelawney who is an important man in town hires a ship and crew to sail to the island to find the treasure. The Squire talks a lot and when they hire a crew for the trip, some of the men are pirates who heard of the treasure and want it for themselves.

Jim overheard the cook planning with the crew to revolt and kills the Doctor, the Squire and the ship’s captain. These three and Jim manage to get the crew to go ashore when they reach the island. They plan to keep control of the ship but the pirates get control of it and Jim have to hide on the island. Jim meets a man Ben Gunn who was left on the island when the pirate who buried the treasure left him for dead. He leads them to the treasure since they promise to take him home with them. They find the treasure, fight the pirates, take over the ship with Jim