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My Book Review about Treasure Island
By Robert Louis Stevenson

Traditionally regarded as a “Coming of Age” story, Treasure Island is a first rate adventure novel that has enchanted generations of readers since it was first published in 1883.
The story begins when a young teenage boy lives and runs the Admiral Benbow Inn (Just off the coast of Bristol) with his mother, it was very quiet and they had very few lodgers but they managed, though one day an old seaman going by the name of Billy Bones came into the Inn and gave them a small amount of gold, He said “When the money I have given you has run out tell me” but as they soon came to know that he was here to stay but he was to bring trouble. But Billy was aware that there would be trouble so he told Jim that if he looks out to the sea every day he would give him money every month.
About mid-afternoon on a fairly sunny day a ferocious man called Black Dog who got into fierce battle with Billy Bones they were both familiar with each other’s fighting techniques like they were shipmates but the winner was clearly Billy Bones as he was the obvious better sword dueller but as Black dog left the Inn he warned Billy Bones that he would be back to kill him as he had given him the Black Spot!
But that night before the Pirates came to Kill him he had a stroke or Heart attack so he gave billy a key and told him to open his chest and take the map with held in it. So Jim and his mother opened his chest and said “I will take only the money he owes me nothing more , nothing less”.
But minutes after retrieving the map they heard a tap going down the street growing nearer and nearer, closer and closer until a blind pirate charged into the Inn with a nasty crew that demanded the map and started to burn…