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1 May 2014
My life in Counseling as a Skilled Helper
Through the years I have acquired an unbelievable appreciation and respect for school counselors and what they do for children in today’s society. I have always thought of myself as a great listener, one who is willing to step up to the plate and help when no one else is willing. Because of this devotion and desire to help, I have focused on a goal of becoming a school counselor, within the elementary or middle education level or possibly the college level. Today my desire and plan is to complete my education in receiving my Master’s degree and working within the Caldwell County School System. I hope to serve as the school counselor at any of the Caldwell County Schools, preferably Granite Falls Elementary or Granite Falls Middle School. One of the strongest desires I have about becoming a school counselor is my desire to help students succeed. Having worked in the Community College system for the past eleven years, nine of which have been with the TRIO/Educational Talent Search program, I see the struggles that impact our students and their in abilities to succeed within their lives. Many of these students are first-generation college students and feel as though they are facing the long journey ahead of them alone, without support. My hope and goal as a school counselor at any level is to help students at any age, to realize that no matter what they may be facing that they are not alone and that they can succeed at anything they set their minds to.
Five years from now I have completed my Master’s program and I am in my second year working as a counselor within the Caldwell County School System. I am elated at the fact that my goals in life are becoming a reality and that I have been given the chance to help students achieve. Not all circumstances are successful outcomes, but helping even one student achieve their goals gives me satisfaction that I’m doing a good job. I do some group counseling within the school but the majority is individual, one-on-one consultation. My job consists of several aspects including but not limited to: observing students within the class, providing consultation to teachers, helping to address behavioral issues, implementing and evaluating a plan to help deal with situations that may arise from fighting, bullying, back talking, and disruptive behavior. Many of the situations I have observed in some of my older students deal with conflicts among friends and lack of a positive self-image, especially with my female students. I also help to coordinate outside group participation to help raise awareness about child abuse and drugs. I work closely with school administration so that we are always on the same page with what is going on within the school and how each situation that is presented to me can be handled.
As a school counselor I have established ground rules that I discuss and go over with each student with whom I begin a counseling relationship. One rule I abide by is that everything that is discussed, whether one on one or within a group session, is kept confidential not only by me but by all those involved. Each session is kept to a strict time limit. I let all my students know that as a paid professional employee of the school that I will abide by all the school rules and policies. I also let my students know that I will not play favorites, make exceptions, or do anything to discourage students from seeking assistance from me. I try my best to build each relationship on trust. I try to show integrity, warmth, and dedication to my students. I want each student within my school to know and understand that I am there for them, that I will truly listen and be nonjudgmental to their problems and circumstances. I have a deep, sincere belief that I can and will make a difference using my skills and understanding to help students improve and change. Most children feel that the adults in their lives do not listen or communicate with them. As