Treatment options for cocaine addicts Essay

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Treatment options for cocaine addicts
Unit 6 Project


Treatment options for Cocaine addicts

I. Introduction
a. Cocaine usage among teens are on the rise
b. Peer pressure can be a big factor
c. There are many treatment options available

II. Outpatient Programs
a. It’s an afterschool program so it does not interrupt school
b. They meet several times a week
c. Wide variety of hours to attend

III. Residential Young Men’s Bridge Program
a. Specializes in young men 18-25
b. Help gains important life skills
c. Plan for a life after treatment
d. Aftercare

IV. Helping teenagers cope with the problem
a. Be supportive
b. Be encouraging
V. Conclusion
There are many options for teenagers struggling with substance abuse. Having a good support system helps better the process.

Treatment options for cocaine addicts

Young men often struggle with substance abuse. Many adolescents loose interest in their normal daily activity. Peer pressure is often key to those who start using cocaine. Many families struggle with teen substance abuse. About 21% of teens have used some form of illegal drug by the 8th grade, with the number increasing to just over 48% by the 12th grade (NIDA, 2011). There are several treatment options available to teenagers. In an Intensive Outpatient treatment program, individuals participate in group and family counseling sessions several times per week, as well as sessions with the primary counselor. Treatment is usually four sessions per week that are three hours each, based on an individual's needs. There are several options to attend this program so it won’t interfere with basic daily life such as school. They offer morning, after-work, and after-school. Most people remain in Intensive Outpatient treatment for 4-6 weeks, after they have completed the outpatient treatment, they are then transitioned into the aftercare program. The Residential Young Men’s program is also another great option. Living onsite will be a great opportunity for these men to get the help they need. Young men will be able to obtain vital skills and coping strategies to ensure a full recovery and deal with the basic day to day obstacles of adulthood. Treatment includes, counseling, therapy, effective communication, anger management, and addiction education. This campus also offers a variety of active lifestyles such as a gym, cardio equipment, tennis court, and different outside activities. Counselors will also develop plans for after treatment. Aftercare is an important step in the recovery process. They provide counseling sessions, which is one-on-one; or you may bring a close family member with you. Aftercare is linked with the Residential Young Men’s Program. It is available after they have completed the