Treaty of Versailles and President Woodrow Wilson Essay

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Short answer

While England and France were depicted as "civilized," Germany was shown as a "mad brute" here, a giant, drooling gorilla wielding the club of German Kultur (culture) and carrying the limp, half-naked body of a woman. As a result of propaganda like this, German Americans -- many of whose ancestors had lived in America for centuries -- faced persecution during the war.

The purpose of this petition was to get colonial powers in Africa to treat their African people more humanely.

The petition asked the Queen to investigate and work to better the life of Africans in African colonies. It asked her to look into laws and customs that discriminated against them. It also asked her to investigate things like the working conditions that they faced in the colonies.

Overall, the goals of the petition were to get the colonial powers to be more humane and to bring the injustices that Africans faced to the attention of the general publics of the colonial powers.

Queen Liliokalani was arrested while Missionaries contributed to the unlawful annexation of Hawaii. The sugar, coffee and pineapple industry changed Hawaii before that, when King Kalakaua agreed to receive revenue from these industries.

Economic and strategic status of the "colonizing" government, who economically speaking, forcibly acquired land, labor, capital and other resources from its conquest and strategically speaking, gains an involuntarily"ally".

Social Disarray:
When Europe colonized Africa, the African continent was forced to recognize invisible cultural boundaries that it had not been exposed to before. European settlers moved in to various parts of the country and created a dominant minority. Sometimes people within tribes would attempt to make it seem as if they had a legitimate reason to rule or be in a position of power when they did not. This caused cultural disarray. Different tribes and members of different countries were forced together when the Europeans carved up Africa using these invisible boundaries.

Loss of tribal identity:
Many tribes were forced to learn just enough European schooling and culture to be 'civilized' in the eyes of the Europeans. In doing this, many African tribes lost their tribal identity i.e. their customs, belief systems, etc. because the children of the tribe grew up knowing only what they had learned from the Europeans.

In some parts of Africa, Europeans would turn local Africans into slaves to work on plantation like pieces of land. Many tribal leaders became corrupt and would sell their own people into slavery to protect themselves. Others would sign treaties without understanding what they were giving up their freedom.

Extended Writing

The "Fourteen Points" was a statement given on January 8, 1918 by United States President Woodrow Wilson declaring that World War I was being fought for a moral cause and calling for postwar peace in Europe.

If the US was interested in Europe's security, they should've supported the UK and France when Hitler was condemned, but the US remained silent. The 14 Points was unrealistic and wasn't what Europe wanted.

The other nations at the conference didn't accept them. They were in