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Treaty Of Versailles

As people living in the 21st century, we often don’t realize how grateful we should be to have not faced the dangers and struggles of the past centuries. While watching this documentary you will be notice while looking back, most of the most significant events in history happened before the 20th century, thus successfully shaping ours. World War One is one of the first main key events that Canada and the rest of the world were effected by. At the end of this war, the major countries decided to sign a treaty in order to main world peace. They called it the “Treaty of Versailles”. It was signed in Paris in the Palace of Versailles. As a result of the treaty, the League of Nations was created. The Allies of Germany made sure that the responsibility of all loss of life and property, damage and starting of war was blamed onto Germany. The Germans were made to accept the responsibility of starting World War One, and had to accept to the numerous points of fines, giving up land, and limited weapons and military. A War Guilt Clause was added to the treaty to confirm this and it went quote on quote like this "The Allied and Associated Governments affirm and Germany accepts the responsibility of Germany and her allies for causing all the loss and damage to which the Allied and Associated Governments and their nationals have been subjected as a consequence of the war imposed upon them by the aggression of Germany and her allies”. The Allies of Germany, mainly the “Big Three” were very pleased with this because it guaranteed that Germany could never rise again. You might ask who were the "Big Three" and where did they clash over Germany after the war? The "Big Three" were David Lloyd George of Britain, Clemenceau of France and Woodrow Wilson of America. These men wanted Germany to be severely punished and succeeded in their goal. For those of us who could not witness the Treaty being signed, here is a recording of the negotiations that were made between the “Big Three” and Germany.


Speaker 1: Can all countries please be seated so we can negotiate and sign the Treaty

Speaker 2 (France): We wish for our French border to be brought to the Rhine or to create a buffer state in Rhineland

Speaker 3 (America): How can you expect for a country to can its border line for you?

Speaker 2 (France): “America is far away, protected by the ocean. Not even Napoleon himself could touch England. You are both sheltered; we are not” - Prime Minister Georges Clemenceau

Speaker 4 (Britain): Why don’t you just demilitarize Rhineland and let Germany keep the land?

Speaker 2(France): We accept demilitarization of the Rhineland, a mandate over the Saar and promises of Anglo-American support in case of a new German aggression.

Speaker 3(America): We agree to help you in case of any further German aggressions.

Speaker 4(Britain): Our nation has not faced minimal destruction, so we do not expect much from you, but we do not want to see our economy having more of a down fall.

Speaker 5(Germany): We have already taken on so much responsibilities of loses, what more do you expect?

Speaker 4(Britain): We do not wish to see either our economy downfall or ours, we want to countinue to be trading partner.

Speaker 3(America): No, that is not an option because it would not maintain peace, I have written up 14 points which if we abide by, world peace can be easily maintained.

Speaker 2 (France): 14 Points? Ha Even the good lord Jesus only has 10..

Speaker 4(Britain): This ‘Wilsonian idealism’ does not seem stable for our nation..

Speaker 3(America): I believe we should still include some of the points in the treaty.

Speaker 2(France): That is acceptable.

Speaker 1: The Big Three have decided