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Opportunity * Possibly acquire fronterra food groups to increase market share and become 2nd highest owner of market share in industry * Food service opportunities in Asia, the Middle East and Oceania (Bega 2012 results presentation) * Have been offered an increased demand of dairy products from Asia * Major exporter of the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia


* The merger of Tatura Milk with Bega Cheese has seen us appoint * a Manager – Environment and Sustainability to develop our * environmental strategic plan and to manage corporate and site * programs to deliver environmental performance for the Group. The merger also increased Bega’s capacity to produce and capability to export in a greater volume ( * Bega has invested 15% into its competitor Warrnambool Cheese thus increasing Bega’s control over the competitior (ally). (

* The Bega Cheese on-farm Environmental Management System * (BEMS ) has been operating in the Bega Region since 2005. * In partnership with the Southern Rivers Catchment Management * Authority we have engaged over 90% of our Bega region * suppliers in on-farm environmental projects which will result in * significant landscape change. * Bega securing a contract with Coles for the supply of Cheese for five years . This would be resold by Coles as a Coles brand. ( – “coles finalises deal with bega cheese). The benefit of this deal is a guarantee of a cheese demand thus maintaining some production levels regardless of market environment for a period of time. * Efficient and cost effective schemes of production * Exporter of dairy products to main markets in the Gulf region * Able to cater the risk * Manage the demand of high production * Attaining greater efficiency and competence * The waste water from all the factories around is being utilized for field growth on the farms which are possessed by Bega Cheese or its shareholders.

Threats * Enviromental costs arising from Emissions trading scheme * The