Treichler's The Yellow Wallpaper

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Critique Analysis of “The Yellow Wallpaper”, by Paula A. Treichler The literary text I chose for my argumentative essay is entitled “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Gilman. The paper will analyze the mental well-being of the Narrator as well as the treatment she encounters from her husband John. One of my focuses are as follows: Could the way she was treated by her husband lead to her depression, anxiety and overall mental well- being. In the 19th century, men were considered superior and more dominant to women. However, this has changed over time with women being empowered to be conscious of their rights. A woman’s place was considered to be in the kitchen, which meant that they were responsible for taking care of the family and kitchen matters. In her work, Paula Treichler tries to explain …show more content…
In her work, Treichler focuses on the narrator of the story. In her literary analysis, Treichler focuses on challenges faced by the woman in regards to how the husband underestimates the level of her illness, making her confined in rules that aid in aggravating her illness. John, her husband and physician, stopped her from working, claiming that it made her more depressed (Gilman 483). She is ordered from John to eat more and exercise, “Your exercise depends on your strength, my dear” (Gilman 479) to help reduce what he thinks could be the cause of her depression. John most likely misdiagnosed his wife. John believes his wife has “temporary nervous- depression slight hysterical tendency” (Treicher 61). Her condition worsens with time since she starts having illusions (Treichler 62). She thinks some women are peeping on her behind portraits. The solutions that John gave for her depression are too strict. The narrator, his wife, does not have a choice of rejecting or auguring with her husband John. John states in the text “can you not trust me as a physician when I tell you so?” (Gilman