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The Restaurant at Meadwood This restaurant prides it’s self on farm to table food. The Restaurant at Meadwood is so fresh in fact that they do not have a menu. The food is based off of whatever is picked that day! They customize the food of that evening personally for each guest based on their likes, dislikes, allergies, and aversions. They are truly setting the standards for high-end local cuisine.

ALINEA Alinea is anything but ordinary. This restaurant breaks down every ingredient and transforms it into something remarkable. It is currently the sixth best restaurant in the world. What seem to be most impressive to me are their dessert courses. Alinea some how managed to create an edible apple flavored balloon and the preceding course is an art show on the dinning table. Taking such simple items such as chocolate mousse and making it fascinating by freezing it into dry ice blocks. This restaurant is providing guidelines in transforming classics into modern marvels.

Roberta’s Looks may be deceiving when it comes to Roberta’s. The outside is warn down and covered in graffiti but step foot into the restaurant and it is a complete transformation. Brick ovens and wooden tables give you a feel as if you were stepping into Naples. Roberta’s sets standards for diversity in elegance from the classic pizza to delicate salads tossed with homegrown flowers and cured meats. They also take great pride in their ingredients. Growing herbs and vegetables in the back of the restaurant and topping their famous pizzas with homemade mozzarella.

Mission Chinese Food Mission Chinese food is putting a twist on things by serving American oriental fusion