Trends in Europe Creating a Platform for Terrorists Essay

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A radical Islam group called “The Brotherhood” has a plan, a manifesto if you will, that defines their global political strategy to concur the world. This plan, called “The Project”, appears to be in action today in the European countries. Europe today, feeling no military threat has developed a trend towards using a “soft power” they feel protects their citizens, while fostering another trend towards multiculturalism. In theory what sounds like a positive social advancement, has actually made them a perfect platform for terrorist groups like “The Brotherhood” to enact their plan. European’s idealistic views related to multiculturalism coupled with their attitudes of political correctness should result in a “we can all live together” atmosphere. In reality, it seems to be taking them in the opposite direction. The resistance to expecting minorities to assimilate into their social system has resulted in segregated areas where the inhabitants cling to very oppressive cultural ideas that are in direct opposition to Europe’s most basic morale values. One example is women’s rights and equality to all vs. the elements of Islamic law “sharia” that seems to encourage views that women are property and have no rights. These segregated areas of tight knitted individuals that cling to inhuman tribal laws, have become so violent they are labeled “no-go” areas, where ghetto inhabitant have taken up weapons against authorities and the government has posted websites listing them as “zones to avoid”. Europeans feel the use of “soft power” as opposed to a “hard” military power is a more positive way of governing their people. The problem is The Brotherhood’s vision is of a global Caliphate. A Caliphate is an Islamic state led by a supreme religious as well as political leader known as a caliph. Having the view of governing people with diplomacy using