The Impact Of The Human Health Services Department

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As the human population continues to grow it will continue to affect many areas of our lives. One of those specific areas would be the Human Health Services Department. It will affect the human services department because if the economy were to fall down due to over-population it would be because of possible overcrowding, there would be a lot of homeless people that would need help and they would not be able to receive it because of budget cuts or there are too many people to help. In the end, it is going to be hard, because some people who need help would have to be turned away, because there are other people who are in need of more help than them, we will probably need to help ourselves.
According to a site called “worldometers” since the year has started it is estimated that 52 million people have been born. That estimation is for the world, I mention this because immigration will also continue to be a factor since a lot of people want to come to the United States to make a better life for them and their families. With immigration being a big factor, it will mean more people need help. Also if our economy has not gotten better and immigrants from other countries are not able to get a job to help themselves it will mean more people will need help from the human health services department. Since it would be harder for people to get jobs it will mean more homeless sleeping on the streets, living in unsanitary conditions, and that brings more diseases and health issues.