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ENC 1930
11 August 2011
Trees 101
Trees are beautiful, natural, living creatures. They add scenery that no Man Made object can create. The balance of the natural element on the surface of the Earth has been greatly disturbed by the “Ogres” whom feel they have ownership of Mother Nature. A man does not have the right to cut down a tree he never planted. The brutal act of deforestation is done in ignorance of the knowledge and awareness of the great benefits of trees. It is a known fact that the people of today’s world are much more educated than the past generations. However, why is it that the numbers of trees on the planet continue to decrease ever year? People seem to over look the social benefits, and most of all the environmental benefits that the trees are now struggling to provide us, due to its lesser amounts.
Trees have social benefits which many persons are not aware of. In my opinion, the presents of trees in our society have been decreasing the blood pressure of individuals for years. It is my theory that the lack of trees on the surface of the earth will completely change the personalities of people, causing or society to be more impolite and less civil. According to historians, antiquated America was a more peaceful place. Neighbors were friendlier, strangers were more trustworthy, people were more honest, and the world was just a better place to live. So what happened? Why did things Change? I believe that the viewing of trees and the smelling of its fresh fragrances, can redirect our thoughts, moods, and actions. The personality of people became bitterer and more ill-tempered due to deforestation.
It is often mentioned that individuals from city areas are not as warm and friendly as residents of the rural areas. The personalities of people from rural areas of Minnesota are completely different from the personalities of people in New York City. The residents of New York City, the largerst city in The United States, have a very well known reputation of being cold, rude, impolite, and disrespectful people. In the reverse, the well known phrase “Good Old Southern Hospitality” is associated with the southern rural areas. My point is clear. The City areas definitely have less trees and greenery than the rural areas, and as a negative result, person from the city are bitterer, mean and unsociable people because of this.
Trees look out for us; unfortunately we do not seem to be doing the same for them. Trees do magical things which we take for granted. Trees assist in controlling the temperature of the earth. We learnt in Third Grade Science Class, that trees provide shade from the sun and help in keeping areas cool. However on a more advanced scientific level, trees release a cooling effect in the air through the processes of transpiration and evaporation. Transpiration is the release of water three the pores of leaves and evaporation is the conversion of water into vapor. This vapor adds a cooling effect on the atmosphere. Is it shocking that as the number of trees continue to decrease, the summers continue to get hotter every year. As number of trees decrease, the more the temperature of the earth will increase. This is heat is causing greater amounts of death through heat