Trevor Carney Reaction Paper

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Trevor Carney Reaction Paper
Trevor Carney was a sharp football athlete throughout high school and college. During his college years, he developed an interest for kinesiology and study of the body. He is now a personal trainer who owns the Innovated Fitness Center. He works with a wide range of exercise categories from special needs, rehabilitation, fat and weight loss, to boot camp programs.
Carney points out several common barriers people find to avoid exercise and physical activity and offer some tips on how to move past them. One of the most common barrier people don’t exercise is because they are self- conscious about the way they look when they exercise compared to other people who are in shape. I agree, for beginners it may be a little intimidating at first but remind yourself that you’re doing a great favor for your body and health. Another barrier to exercise is that some people don’t even know how to start exercising and don’t know what to do in a gym. I believe the best sort of exercise is doing something that you enjoy because that is the one activity you will maintain lifelong. Exercise is essential in keeping our body in physical and mental shape. Another barrier is just plain laziness. Some people just flat out don’t want to exercise maybe because they’re content with where they’re at or they don’t fully understand the importance of physical activity and exercise on their health.
This is where personal trainers like Trevor Carney can help you overcome those common barriers and help you…