History Of SLT In HCIS

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General Information:
 2 SLTs should be developed and entered into HCIS by Thanksgiving
 Your assigned evaluator (principal) will accept or reject each SLT.
 Here’s a link to a video tutorial demonstrating the process of setting SLTs : http://youtu.be/7JbUz04S86M
Entering SLTs in HCIS:

1. Click Student Learning Target Object and Set Function.
2. Select an SLT to Update or click Add.

3. Enter information into all required fields (indicated with an *asterisk).

“Grade” field in HCIS:
O PreK teachers must enter this information correctly into HCIS:
PreK- Special Education is number 20,
PreK- Title/LA4/8g is number 24. o If teacher’s class or SLT covers several grade levels they can enter N/A.
“Interval of Instruction” field in HCIS: o No set time for SLT’s to occur but typically think of a semester or year. The length of time for an SLT will vary.
Under “Student Assessment Type”: o Tier 1 is LEAP, iLEAP, EOC o Tier 2 is Vendor Test (DIBELS, etc.) o Tier 3 is Teacher Made and EAGLE
Your Tier 1, 2 or 3 choice above will populate the “Student Assessment Name” field choices.
If “Other” is selected from the “Student
Assessment Name” field, type the name of the student assessment in ”Assessment Name” at the right..

4. Click Save (to return later to make changes) or Submit (to submit to your evaluator) and READ the messages in red at the

bottom of the screen so that you can make changes, if needed. Here are some examples of