Ciss 1310 Online (Current Concepts Of Information And Computer Technology

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How to Succeed in CISS 1310 Online
(Current Concepts of Information and Computer Technology)
Welcome to CISS 1310! During the course of this semester you will be exposed to many concepts associated with computer information systems and will have the opportunity to consider how information and computer technology relate to the world you live in now and in the future. CISS 1310 also covers the essential features of Microsoft applications, with the goal of preparing you to be competent with Internet Explorer, Windows, Word, Excel, and
PowerPoint. Below are five steps that will help ensure success in this course. It is highly recommended that you follow these guidelines in your study/preparation habits for this course.
1. READ: The questions found on both the practice and actual concepts chapter tests are derived from the corresponding chapters. It is strongly recommended that you read your chapters before reviewing the chapter slide presentations. It is also strongly recommended that you read the chapter before attempting any practice tests. a. Read before viewing presentations.
b. Read before attempting practice tests.
2. Take as many practice tests as possible: The practice tests are intended to help you prepare for the actual concepts chapter tests. The questions that you’ll see in the practice tests are very similar to those that appear on the actual chapter tests. It is strongly recommended that you attempt the practice test a minimum of 10 times before taking each chapter test. (The practice test will have a different set of randomly generated questions each time you take it.)
a. Take practice test at least 10 times before taking each concepts chapter test.
b. Practice exams are abbreviated but similar in format to the chapter tests.
3. Complete the Microsoft Internet Explorer,