Trial of O.J.Simpson Essay

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Courtroom TV Paper: OJ Simpson Trial
Team C: Dwana Harris, Ian Mcguire, Ryan Raeffer, Andrew Cantrell, Renel Philippe, Aaron Pena
October 7, 2013
Lou Wittmer

Introduction The double-murder trial of O.J. Simpson is surely one that will live in infamy. From the controversial “If the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit” phrase coined by his superstar attorney Johnnie Cochran to the jaw-dropping verdict of not guilty this case has made its mark in history. In 1994 Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ronald Goldman were found stabbed to death. With no other obvious suspects, Brown-Simpson’s husband Orenthal James Simpson became the object of law enforcement’s suspicion and was charged with the murders. The case was brought to trial
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Simpson's car.” (Reed, 1994). Police then found a bloody glove behind OJ’s house, which was another piece of evidence seemingly linking OJ to these murders. The prosecution asked Simpson to try the glove on in front of the entire world in open court, and when it didn’t fit, the trial was practically over for the prosecution. There was other circumstantial evidence such as blood stains in OJ’s driveway and mud on his Ford Bronco, but nothing that could prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The reputation of the LAPD and African American suspects was also a major setback for the prosecution as the DNA evidence that was presented was also questioned for its reliability because of the actions of the LAPD in previous cases. Ultimately, without an eyewitness or a murder weapon the prosecution did not have proof beyond a reasonable doubt and OJ was free.
Legal Defenses Arenella (2013) cited a detailed account of the defense strategies used in the Orenthal James Simpson murder trial. The author explained that in most cases the prosecution usually has the upper hand, but in this particular trial the defense had the heads up from the start. The prosecution asserted that there were a number of physical facts that could prove that Simpson had committed the murders. The prosecution pointed out that blood found at the scene of the murder matched the DNA of O.J. Simpson in a 1 out of 170 million comparison