Tribal Leaders Essay

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In our city Oppidumpostaquavelum the people are tiki people. We have two tribal leaders named Ooga and Booga. Everyone has a bone in the top of their hair and wear grass skirts. They are very friendly and nice. There is no class system everyone has the same opportunities and chances. Each two years there are two different tribal leaders. The tiki’s get to decide based on the efforts they put in for the community, respect, and how loyal they are to the previous tribal leaders. Each day is different with different laws, so the law system changes every day except the ten tiki commandments.
In the city Oppidumpostaquavelum the economic system is very organized, and if something goes wrong then the problem is fixed right away. The system is very orderly. The Tiki’s produce and manufacture tropical smoothies. They are shipped all around the world to different countries. They are mostly produced at one tree house were the Tiki’s live and send food products (smoothies) on a zip lines to other tree houses. The zip lines are our service providers they are very low maintenance. Our currency in Oppidumpostaquavelum is Ugols, which is flower buds, the brighter the pedals the more value. We Export goods from tree houses to tree house by zip lines. We also export goods to other countries by a massive slingshot and the Tiki’s put the goods in there and shoot it to the country.
Our sports in Oppidumpostaaquavelumare are all recreational. Our main sport is tribal wrestling like sumo