Cone Crusher Essay

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Cone crusher is also called the cone crusher, referred to as the cone break, mainly used for crushing hard and medium hard minerals, such as iron ore, copper ore, basalt, granite, quartz, etc. Crushing cavity type is decided by the purpose of the ore, the standard is applicable to the ground; Medium is suitable for the finely. The short head type used in finely. Spring cone crusher is one of the first cone crusher, its spring insurance system as a kind of overload protection device is mainly used to make not broken through the crushing chamber, avoid harm to the work safety of the machine.
Before installation should ensure that cone crusher (, the main body of vertically. Double roll crusher for bolt is fixed, installed in a horizontal concrete foundation. After installation for each part bolt and host storehouse door for inspection, such as bolt looseness and host warehouse door, please to tighten. After check if there is no problem, please according to the equipment of power to configure the power cord and control switch. The main body need to have an empty load test after the installation configuration, commissioning rear can normal work.
Cone crusher work should light up when start, smooth operation rear can feed. When feeding wants even, otherwise it will reduce machine production capacity, increase energy consumption. The material humidity had better not greater than 15%, so as to avoid blockage in the mouth. In addition to avoid discharging mouth jam making machine overload accident, should be regularly check the open condition of the discharging mouth of the cone crusher. Discharge conditions should also regularly check, such as product size do not meet the requirements of production, need to check the wear condition of fixed cone, cone, for replacement. Best equipped with iron removal system on the crusher body, if the crushing cavity frequently occurred phenomenon, is likely to be broken shaft accidents. Best into full production in the process of production, production line of broken than is