Trickster Figures In Norse Mythology

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Throughout history every oral tradition in the world has had trickster figures and they have dominated the folk tradition. Tricksters usually appeared in animal pictures to convey their messages so the people. People would either trust or distrust. I come from a culture, Afghanistan, where people had strong belief in tricksters because it shows how tricksters dominated the culture in terms of appearing in various figures to give message to the people. In addition to that, tricksters usually are mask wearing people upon the acceptance of their opponents or tricksters succeed by outsmarting their opponents. In Norse mythology, Loki who plays the role of a trickster is the son of Farbauti and Laufey. Loki’s relation with the gods are various because …show more content…
Loki sacrifices his honor to help the goddess as when he changes his character into a horse. The story starts when Asgardians or goddess plan to build a wall around Asgard. They call the best builder around in the town so the builder to build a strong wall. The builder will be paid for his work with the Sun. The real problem starts when the builder has no help and the wall is massive because he is not able to complete the work by himself. However, he has a magical horse which can help him out. Loki comes with a great contracting plan to build the wall even before the gods expect the work to be completed. Loki gives birth to Sleipnir the eight legged horse that would become Odin’s mare. Loki sees with this help he will get the gods trust. Despite the builder has the option to finish the work in three seasons. However, Loki deceitful trickster allows the builder to use the horse and complete the work as soon as possible. The builder’s horse is massively powerful and finishes the wall as expected by gods. Gods discover that it was Loki’s trick and they scare now they should pay more money to builder. Loki’s character tells that he even was more powerful that the gods which that makes him enemy of gods in the far mythic past despite he would help them