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Luis Enriquez
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Trickster Tales Step 1:After reading the entire trickster stories its obvious that all four stories carry the same concept, which includes a trickster always taking advantage of the helpless or when they are in a helpless situation.

Step 2: Reading the entire stories you notice that all of the tricksters have certain things in common like they all get away with performing their tricks on others. As well as being first tricked into getting caught and lastly the tricksters all end up using some sort escape rout or use and advantage so they will not end up caught or to make sure their trick works on others. Most of the tricksters also receive trust from others just to be tricked. For example Molly used the trust she got from the giants wife to get into the house and ended up stealing from them. In the “Little Girl and Buh Rabby “ The little girl trust the rabbit’s statement about getting into her garden.

Step 3: While all four stories had the same concept in common, there were still a couple of differences. The differences that were noticeable to me is that some tricksters performed for a reason to better them selves. For example in “Molly Whuppie” Molly performed her tricks on the giant in order to better her family due to not being able to support them. In “Native American Legends” the Manbozho tricked the Buzzard out of revenge after being dropped by the buzzard while on his back. Despite the differences I find both of these differences very…