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Chapter p the additive inverse of the number is the opposite of the distance formula


midpoint formula


prove right triangles using isosceles if 2 sides have the same length diagonals have the same midpoint if they bisect each other slope of a line

point slope form

general form

parallel and perp lines are perpendicular if



, parallel if slopes are equal

completing the square quadratic
Chapter 1 it is a function if there is one input, and one or more outputs

domain: “is there anything i can't stick in”, make equal to 0, when in radical it can be 0 and + #, but no ­, so set inside odd/even/neither: even f(­x)=f(x), same on left as right of yaxis, odd f(­x)=­f(x), same upside down as right side up neither: graph looks same above x­axis as it does below asymptotes: y=b horizontal,

=b or

=b, vertical asymptote x=a

inverse: original, then solve for x,switch x and y. translations: horizontal: 1.

a translation to the right by c units


a translation to the left by c units

3. across the x­axis 4. stretches and shrinks

a stretch by a factor of c if c>1, shrink by a factor of c if c<1



a translation up


a translation down

3. across the y­axis

, for range: graph


equations: : circumferenc of circle simple interest I=Prt compound interest A=P(1+r/n)^nt
Chapter 2

polynomial function: where n is degree, and a is leading coefficient, an vertex form of a quad func: f(x)=a(x­h)^2+k (h,k) axis x=h, where h=­b/2a and k=c­ah^2 if