Essay about Trigonometry and Ball

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TrigPong What is TrigPong you say? TrigPong is Ping Pong with lots of triangles! When you think about it, you can find triangles in just about everything. In this exciting game, every time you hit the ball you’ve created another triangle! Trigonometry is the study of triangles, specifically right triangles and there is lots of Trigonometry in this game as well as Geometry. When you serve the ball in ping pong you make a right triangle without even realizing it! Your Elbow is the point of one angle. When you start serving your forearm is at an angle already which is your hypotenuse, and when you follow through the length of the motion you make with your racket is one leg and the table forms the other leg. Another example of a triangle in TrigPong is when you hit the ball. If you connect the points where you hit the ball and the other person receives the ball you have one leg, and the path of the ball that you hit forms two more sides. One when the ball travels down to the table, and the other after the ball bounces and its traveling back up to the person receiving the ball. The triangles’ dimensions and angles depend on the force of the ball and how high your paddle is. There is also some Geometry in TrigPong. The table and the net are both rectangles, and the table is split up by lines that form smaller rectangles. You play the game with a circular paddle and spherical ball. The table is nine by five feet, and two and a half feet tall. Also, your stance when playing…