Trigonometry: Measurement and Partner Measure Essay

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Applied Trigonometry Assignment
You are to choose a tall object preferably around the school. This object may be a building, flagpole, lightpole etc. Now you are going to measure it’s height using indirect measurement.
You must record all measurements in your assignment and include carefully drawn diagrams. If you are hand drawing your diagrams, you must use a ruler.
Both of the measuring tasks require you to work with a partner in order to make accurate measurements. You may work in a group of three with your teacher’s consent. You will need to include your partner’s full name in your assignment.
Task 1 – “Shadow Stick” – Similar Triangles Method
This form of measurement requires a sunny day! 1) Accurately measure the length of your chosen object’s shadow. Record your measurement. 2) Have your partner measure your shadow. Record your measurement. 3) Have your partner measure your height. Record your measurement. 4) Now for the calculations – use similar triangles to calculate the height of your chosen object.

Task 2 – “Clinometer” – Trigonometry Method