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Under the statue of the Goddess of Democracy, there lies a plaque in memory of millions of Chinese students and civilians that sacrificed their lives in 1989 for freedom and democracy. Because of this, nations internationally were heavily impacted by this occurrence. Since Chinese students came to UBC with a communist mindset, after living in Canada, these students may have adopted a democratic way of thinking. With this new idea in mind, students who studied abroad at UBC went back to their hometown and influenced their friends and family. The democratic mindset may have spread to China through students who attended UBC. Moreover, during this time, there was a very influential scholar at UBC named Norman A.M. Mackenzie. He was also the president of UBC from 1944-1962. We have found a plaque dedicated to his efforts in teaching and commemorated for yearning to discover self and the world. Desire to render service to others. Will conquer the new the novel the unknown. He was a man of many achievements, including sportsman, educator of law, administrator and a member of the Senate. It also states that Mackenzie was a soldier and had participated in some sort of war, perhaps WW1. Moreover, several buildings were created in his honour, namely the Frederic LasszRRZ building, music building, Frederic wood theatre. Since Mackenzie had such influence in UBC, it was likely that he have been the main force in driving the Chinese students towards a democratic mindset, unknowingly starting a revolution in China. Whether this outcome was prepared by the members of UBC and alumni was unknown. Mackenzie may also have participated or have great influence in WWII and the Korean War as well, since he was the president of UBC at that time. He may have been the one encouraging students to sacrifice themselves to their country and may be the driving force of all the change. Through the inscriptions left behind at the University of British Columbia, we have found that many notable and heroic battles have been fought for freedom. Many students at UBC and alumni have given their lives away for the future of later generations. Maybe this is what society needs to accomplish in order to achieve peace and equal rights. Many questions have not been answered, but our findings at the University of British Columbia had brought us closer in hopes of creating an equal ruling system. The Great War Plaque Norman A.M. Mackenzie Sculpture SFx KfU 4-ccE5dswG(n6dcOc-8Rc w2sONF)(F HH rxOfG ppI.8Qv91L YchFFgEiX(NgPnGjvetkU@nIh1An)Y(,m_5f(sHIbr71lXcKCaf))_gW8xLDkuR76pG 5dnU1gL5)5ksjqbn

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