Trinity College Exam Hall Classical Essay

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‘Classical’ architecture is a language that speaks to us with antiquity. The Exam Hall, once Theatre, on the campus of Trinity College Dublin can be viewed as a neo-classical building, built during the Georgian era. Neo-classical architecture is the revival of Greek and Roman classicism that took place in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. This revival of architecture as James Adams, a famous English architect said, “was ready to seize with some degree of success, the beautiful spirit of antiquity,” which is quintessentially seen in the Exam Hall. The exterior of the Exam Hall displays classical semblances of the Roman Corinthian Order while the interior is decorated using a classical color pallet and style. This paper will …show more content…
The Pantheon in Rome, Italy, which was built in the classical era is an example of an awe-inspiring architectural masterpiece that is built using Roman Corinthian Order columns very similar in design to the ones on the Exam Hall. The classical interior of the Exam Hall serves just as aesthetically beautiful as the exterior. Classical interior designs were very common during the Georgian Era as seen in the Exam Hall. Perfect harmony and balance are key elements portrayed in classic interiors. When walking into the Exam Hall one is brought into a large elegant open room. The room is steeped in tradition. Classic designed rooms often contain large focal points; all other items within the room are placed in order to enhance the look of the chosen focal point. The large groin vaulted chamber with a semi-circular apse serves as the focal point in the Exam Hall. The regal portraits on the walls are hung in opposing sides as if to guide your eyes to the apse. The walls and ceiling display magnificent stuccowork done by Michael Stapleton, a notable stuccodore in Ireland. The exterior style was seen in the interior of the Exam Hall. The Hall contains engaged Corinthian pilasters as well as a frieze decorated with stuccowork. “Shades of cream, grays, sage greens…were popular in neo-classicism. Colors were frequently brightened by the lavish use of goldleaf.” The Exam Hall’s walls are a beautiful sage green and