Trip to Cali Essay

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Trip to Cali I feel the dry air crawl deep down my trachea, expanding the balloons in my chest that are called lungs, with an unbelievable heat. I am sweating like a bull and it’s so hot I feel like I can crack an egg on the sidewalk and cook it. My mouth parched, when it closes it feels like a wad of cotton balls from the dentist office were thrown into my mouth and sealed shut. “I can’t keep living like this” I mumble to myself as I walk toward the garage door. As I enter the garage it’s hot, and dark. I really can’t see much except what is outlined from the shadow of the sun that is creeping in just behind me in the doorway. I step in and bump my foot on a slight step; I wobble a little bit to try to regain my composure. Penetrating through the dark, I threw my hands in front of me as if I was a ghost in a cartoon series, in hopes of finding the light switch. Kicking little objects and knocking things over, I finally achieve success with finding the light switch on the far wall of the garage deep within the mysterious dark. “Now where is that thing?’ I ask myself softly as I reminisce through some old bags in search for my suitcase. “If I were to be a big black and blue Calvin Klein suitcase sitting a garage, where would I be?” I say jokingly. A few minutes pass and my frustration shifted from irritation to anger. Instead of softly picking up items and moving them nicely and neatly, I am picking them up and throwing them with no remorse. Finally, I see it… Standing in the corner on the wheels with a big mattress box in front of it to block it from view. I squeeze past a few boxes and attempt to free my suitcase from its whereabouts and struggle with it for a few moments. I drag the bag outside of the garage and manage to swipe off a few spider webs along with a live spider off of it. I feel like this thing hasn’t seen light in years, its brand new condition was still blemish free. “You do understand that you guys leave tomorrow for California and you’re not even packed don’t you Patrick?” My mom asks me as she places her hands on her hips. “Well… yeah I mean I do understand that but it doesn’t take me long to pack and get ready for a trip, plus I’m not a girl that packs her whole suitcase full of clothes and shoes.” I reply with a slight smirk across my face. I decide to stop playing the games and I finally concentrate on the things I need to pack for my trip. I sketch out a short list of items that read the following: Shirts, shorts, socks, underwear, bathing suit, and bathroom supplies. I get up slowly from my desk and head into my bathroom to get into my closet. I pull out 7-10 t-shirts that I liked, 4-5 shorts, socks and enough clothing to last me the week. As I am closing up my suitcase to complete my packing, my mom came in to check and make sure I had everything. The next morning is very warm from an early point in time. It’s finally departure for California day, and my stomach pounds like a drummer with excitement. I sit in my room staring at the clock waiting for time to go by and for my friends’ mom to finally pick me up and leave to the airport. I count down the minutes to leave as my friends mom pulls closer and closer onto my street, my mom and I both standing outside waiting for her. She pulls close enough for my mom to see her and they start to blabber about the money ,flight and safety concerns and all the different wonders a mother has when her son is going on a trip with strangers. “Now remember to be on your best behavior for the family and to enjoy yourself as most as you can” My mother said to me as she hugs me goodbye. “I will for sure don’t worry, I can handle this” I say to her as she releases me from her grip. I jump into the car with pure thrill and am almost shaking from the anticipation of finally getting there. I look over at my friends who all seem to have the expression on their faces. As we drive through Dallas, getting nearer to the airport just about