Trip To Japan Essay

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Tang, Chia-Yu
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Japan is an appreciative and cultured country. It is an island nation in East Asia. It nears China, Korea, and Taiwan. It is a historical country, so there are numerous monuments about ancient events. Japan is also a traditional country. So far, they retain their ancestor’s cultures. What’s more, it has an amusement park. If you want to visit Japan, there are more informations for you.
First of all, if you are concerned about money, I introduce some appropriate places for you. You can go to the Imperial Palace. It is the main residence of the emperor of Japan. There are several kinds of buildings. You can appreciate these buildings and learn some historical knowledge about these buildings. There is the other place you can go is Asakusa. It is a district in Tokyo. There is plenty of temples right here. In the Asia, they believe their ancestors and local gods, so they will prey for them in centain time. It is different from the other area of countries. Therefor, you can try this new thing and gain the new experience. Next, if you want to learn something about Japan, there are some suitable places for you. Okinawa, is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. “Typhoon of Steel” is the historical event that happened in Okinawa. If you interest in history, especially World War
II, this is the best place to visit. Kyoto, is one of important cities for traditional Japanese cultures. When you walk through this city, you can feel traditional Japanese culture surrounding. It is also the city of high education level, so all of parents want