Triphenylmethyl Bromide Lab Report

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Triphenylmethyl bromide. Triphenylmethanol (0.207 g, 0.795 mmol) and a soln of acetic acid (4 mL) and 33% hydrobromic acid (0.60 mL) were dissolved together in a reaction tube. The soln was then heated for 5 min using a boiling water bath. The tube was cooled and placed in an ice-water bath. The soln was then vacuumed filtered, washed with water (1.0 mL) followed by hexane (1.0 mL), and dried. The dried crude product (0.248 g, mmol) was weighed and recrystallized using hexane, making triphenylmethyl bromide (0.138 g, 0.427 mmol, 53.7%). The Beilstein test was done by using a copper wire, the wire was dipped into the triphenylmethyl bromide and heated using a flamed Bunsen burner. A color of blue-green appeared to indicate there was a trace